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Hallo from namennennen!

written by namennennen May 8, 2017

Hallo/Hello from namennennen!

namennennen is a weekly publication on the names of Berliners. We get them to reflect on their names and what those names mean to them. As way of introduction, we’ve made a short video to give you a taste of what you can look forward to.

Read our first stories:

On Jürgen’s first three names and how he relates to its “earth worker” meaning as a playwright,

On Pin-ji’s Chinese name which has four “mouth” characters and how it lends to her personality,

On Nur, whose real name is Öznur but prefers to go by Nur to tackle mispronunciation.

You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. You may also reach us here if you have any suggestions or feedback for us.

We hope you enjoy the stories! – Fann & Catherine

(namennennen comes to you from our “gut und günstig” studio in one of our closets!)


namennennen’s landing page artwork and logo was designed by Victoria Ustinova. You can find more of her beautiful artwork and designs at Ewlisiya. We love her style and use of color!

As a project, namennennen came together with the support of Jascha Silbermann, the Mentat at JSICS Beratung & Lösungen. Thank you for turning over the details of our design and concept while breaking down the complexity of the backend process.