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namennennen is a cultural project that explores the names of Berliners. Behind the first introduction of “What’s your name? Wie heißt du?” we found a trove of unique stories that were rich in tradition, funny anecdotes, social perceptions and disappointments.

namennennen is a combination of two German words: Namen (names) and nennen (to name or call something). The name we call ourselves is often the decision of someone else, making the story behind a name both individual and collective.

Every week we bring you a new story. If you’re new to our platform, we suggest starting here with Jürgen Hofmann who wears his names like a beloved coat. Follow us Facebook and Instagram for new stories and how other creatives are talking about names. You can reach out to us to suggest names on our contact page

Here’s a short video of about our project:

And if you’d like to know more about us, check out this post.

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